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Find your inner flow, learn to regulate your nervous system and enjoy life to your full potential.


The Promise

I facilitate change for you in need of more flow in your life. Regulation comes first, everything else follows. Heal your nervous system, use breath consciously, self-regulate with ease and build resilience to live a full and balanced life.

For Individuals

Nervous system health and breath-focused coaching in Trondheim and online. Build resilience and heal.

For Businesses

Holistic wellness and performance coaching for organisations' needs. Strengthen your people.

100h Breath Coach Training

Help your clients breathe more freely, self-regulate with ease, perform better and manage chronic conditions.


Sanni coaches people to live more aligned & healthier. Her passion is to explore convergences between the latest research and ancient wisdom, and to find holistic tools with best possible efficacy.


Breathing Coach & educator, Nervous System Specialist, Somatic Coach, Yoga Teacher


Know how you are (really) doing

Find the tools working for you

Learn to nurture your nervous system and build resilience

Unleash hidden resources and reach your true potential

What They Say

Mitt forhold til pusten er før og etter Breath Coach utdanningen


holistisk helseveileder og yoga terapeut

Breath Coach Training med Sanni er noe av det mest nyttige og ikke minst nødvendige å lære, forstå og formidle akkurat nå. Sanni har en enorm kapasitet, er en fantastisk formidler og et oppkomme av kunnskap. Dette er en utdanning med høy faglig kvalitet, solid forankret i internasjonale studier og evidensbaserte metoder. Mitt forhold til pusten er før og etter Breath Coach utdanningen.

Practical advice on what already works and what to improve



The assessment was informative and gave me actual data and insights to my days and more importantly practical advice on what already works and what to improve. As a result of the assessment, I got a thorough report of my 3 test days focusing on my stress & recovery levels as well as the quality of my sleep. The coaching session after the measurement was well prepared and enjoyable. It was timed flexibly to my schedule and I got useful, practical tips and adjustments.

Eventually I noticed the quality of my sleep improving. This result alone has been worth the money invested in the training. 



The greatest advantage of this online training was the insight of pausing.

Cooling down, pausing for a moment has been before a very abstract and difficult thing for me.
With clear concrete exercises, like breathing and yoga, it became part of my everyday life. Only then did I feel the difference between pausing and my tendency to hustle, learn, do and always strive for efficiency. That difference felt surprising and wonderful.

Eventually I noticed the quality of my sleep improving, which was one of my biggest goals in this course. This result alone has been worth the money invested in the training. The lectures were, as well, very interesting and composed with skill. They offered important information in very easily understandable form.

Now, only two weeks after getting the results, I feel better already.


PhD, Lecturer in Psychology,
University of Helsinki

We went through the results with my coach Sanni, and I got very good tips on where to go forward. As my fitness level was low for my age – not surprising after a couch-potato autumn - I started doing daily walks. I also tried some sleep-improvement methods Sanni suggested, and yoga practice is also reinstalled in my week schedule. Now, only two weeks after getting the results, I feel better already. This assessment was an excellent motivator to change some routines for the better, and I am hoping that the changes show in the re-assessment I promised myself as a 40th birthday present. Overall, I can warmly recommend Firstbeat Lifestyle Assessment to anyone interested in their health and wellbeing.


Any breathing practice can be transformational. So don’t limit yourself to one style. Breathing belongs to everyone.

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