100h Breath Coach Training 

in Trondheim

Interested in helping people breathe better, self-regulate with ease, manage chronic conditions and HEAL?

Become a certified breathing coach in knowledgable hands! Join 100h breath coach training in Trondheim.

Core principles
  • Somatically oriented
  • Trauma-informed
  • Nervous system focused
  • Evidence-based
  • Holistic approach to health & life
Work comfortably with
  • Anyone who due to stress, anxiety, tension, fear, sleep issues, concentration problems, digestive issues, low energy or self-doubt could benefit from using breath more consciously
  • People with different dysfunctional breathing habits, breathing disorders, pain and chronic conditions
  • Athletes, and much more
5 modules
  • The Science of Breathing
  • Breath, Nervous System and Emotions
  • Breath and Holistic Well-Being
  • Breath in Sports, Performance and Yoga + 4 Breathing Programs
  • The Principles & Business of Breath Coaching + Final Exam

Why Is Coaching breathing with science-based tools and holistic focus so important?

Breath is the main tool to affect the nervous system. Through breath, regulating the nervous system and stress levels becomes available to anyone!

Sleeping problems, anxiety, hypertension, fear, concentration problems, digestive issues and low energy can be efficiently treated with breathing tools.

Chaotic breathing rhythm and various dysfunctional breathing habits correlate strongly with various chronic conditions and disorders. There is a strong need for high-quality breath coaching! Health care professionals, coaches, yoga teachers and bodyworkers need to know how to guide breathing.

The world of breathwork is vast. There is a lot of misinformation, myths and in some cases even harmful tools out there. To base your breathing toolbox on knowledge of science, physiology and psychology, will benefit you and your clients in the long run.

A human being is not a machine. Intensive emotions, traumas, past experiences and dissociation from the body are all visible in one’s breathing patterns. When you affect the breath, you affect the whole being. It is important to learn to appreciate the breath from different perspectives.

Breath can be used consciously, but getting a grasp of the deeper dimensions of the breath is essential for building an authentic connection to oneself and eventually, healing on all levels.

Breathing patterns affect your self-esteem, confidence and efficiency of communication. Breathing is essential in improving your first impression and relating to other people on a more profound level.

As dysfunctional breathing habits very often cause hypertension in the body, it is essential to know some basic somatic practices for releasing and restoring balance.

Not all opt for meditation as a calming, restoring practice. Still practices will bring up a lot of anxiety and unease among a great part of the population. Skillful use of the breath can be a much more accessible practice for many.

Let your free and functional breath flow!

Whom Is This For?

Training is designed for (but not limited only to)

  • Life / health coaches who want to widen their understanding of breath, nervous system and somatic tools for serving their clients in a more holistic way
  • Yoga teachers - to increase skills in cuing breath and affecting the nervous system in a desired way, to understand the foundations of pranayama techniques and their goals
  • Health care professionals
  • Physiotherapists
  • Psychologists, psychotherapists and those giving work counseling - to incorporate breathing tools, somatic practices and the polyvagal perspective into their work
  • Other mental health professionals (working for example with burnout and CFS/ME patients)
  • Other therapists and bodyworkers
  • Fitness coaches and personal trainers - to help their clients recover faster, train safer and increase aerobic capacity with the help of breath
  • School teachers, kindergarten teachers, youth work specialists
  • HR professionals and those working in professions of interaction
  • Those who value knowledge, accurate scientific information and evidence-based tools but do not shy introduction to the spiritual realms of the breath
  • Those looking for more professional tools to help, serve and support their clients
  • Those interested in self-development, natural tools for stress & nervous system regulation, recovery and healing, finding their own voice and setting healthy boundaries

Whom Is This Not For?

  • The training introduces a wide knowledge base that will support you both professionally and personally for the rest of your life. However, if you are at the moment very exhausted, burned out, extremely busy or in an acute state in which taking care of yourself is more important than educating yourself into breathing and nervous system health, this training might not be for you.
  • If you are looking for quick fixes or protocols for your own or for your client’s situation. Coaching is about applying the learned knowledge in real life situations, meeting the client where he/she is and working with the client together searching solutions for problems. It’s a process, as is breath.

The Curriculum


1. The Science of Breathing

  • Biochemistry and biomechanics of breathing (anatomy & physiology)
  • The Bohr effect
  • How breath relates to all bodily and mental functions
  • Vagus nerve, nitric oxide and the immune system
  • Movement, body position, somatic practices and breathing exercises
  • Visiting teacher: Andreas Dønåsen

2. Breath, Nervous System and Emotions

  • Psychophysiology of breathing
  • The science of nervous system
  • Body-mind connection and neuroscience perspective
  • Daily rhythms and breathing
  • Polyvagal theory and the felt sense of safety
  • Chronic and traumatic stress
  • Window of capacity and nervous system regulation as an approach

3. Breath and Holistic Well-Being

  • Healing through breathing. How and why are we thrown off balance and how is breathing related to this?
  • How breathing protocols have helped people to manage, relieve and even heal disorders and imbalances
  • Introduction to different breathing disorders, dysfunctional breathing habits, chronic conditions, autoimmune diseases, pain and various other ailments like migraine, fibromyalgia and ADHD
  • Spiritual aspects of the breath


  • Breathwork session with Ella Flor
  • Breath coaching for athletes
  • Breath to support your voice and perform better on stage and at presentations
  • Breath, yoga and pranayama
  • Sound healing and breath
  • Learning 4 ready-designed breathing programs for working with clients (and with yourself)
  • Introduction to the basic principles of breath coaching
  • Breath testing and assessing the state of the client

5. The PRINCIPLES & Business of Breath Coaching + Final Exam

  • Ethical coaching
  • Marketing, pricing and packaging, social media
  • Who are you in the field of breath coaching?
  • Feedback on coaching sessions with clients
  • Feedback on the home exam

Note that the content and order are subject to changes.

What Do You Get From The Program?

  • Skills and knowledge to work as a breathing coach with 1-to-1 clients and groups
  • 4 ready-designed breathing programs to be used in client work (breathing exercises, somatic exercises, relaxation and breathing meditations)
  • Lots of tools for your own nervous system regulation, emotional balance and self-management
  • Coaching toolkit that it beneficial in all areas of life (like in management work and communications)
  • Know-how to hold presentations and courses about breath & nervous system health
  • Online course “Breathing Unlimited” that you can use anytime, anywhere for self-practice and recap of the content of the training
  • 2 Firstbeat Lifestyle Assessment HRV measurements to assess your nervous system health (1 measurement is worth 1500 NOK)
  • After passing the final exam you will receive a 100h Breath Coach certification by Mindgrit. If you are a yoga teacher and registered with Yoga Alliance, you also receive 100 CEUs.

This course is certified with Yoga Alliance as a Continuing Education Course (CE).

You Do Not Need:

  • Any previous experience on coaching, teaching, breathwork, yoga, somatic works or mindfulness. Any experience can be, however, helpful in your journey to become a breathing coach.
  • Any knowledge on how to design and build breathing exercises. You are free to use all the exercises presented and practiced during the training.

  • To want to do breath coaching professionally, or necessarily even work with clients. You will benefit from the training in any case, be it for personal growth, stress regulation, deeper connection to yourself or better communication skills with your environment.

4 BREATHING PROGRAMS introduced during the training and given for free to be used by the new coaches, are

Breathing for More Calm

For hyperarousal, stress, anxiety, sleeping issues

Breathing for More Energy

For energizing and increasing resources

Breathing for Healing

For hypoarousal, burn out, depression, CE/MFS, illnesses

Breathing for Balance

For high-achievers who want to learn to relax

Programs include breathing practices, somatic movement, concentration exercises and relaxations. They are designed by breath coach, experienced yoga teacher Sanni Parkkinen.

Important Notice!

Breathing coaches are not trained to treat, diagnose or cure any illness or disease. Under the training, you will receive an understanding about which kind of issues are in the scope of breathing coaching. Under no circumstances should you recommend clients change or discontinue prescribed medication or treatment protocols.


1. MODULE: 12.-14.11.2021 (Friday to Sunday)

2. MODULE: 10.-12.12.2021 (Friday to Sunday)

3. MODULE: 22.-23.1.2022 (Saturday to Sunday)

4. MODULE: 11.-13.2.2022 (Friday to Sunday)

5. MODULE: 19.-20.3.2022 (Saturday to Sunday)

Fridays kl 15-20 (5 hours)

Saturdays kl 9-18 (7,5 hours + 1,5 hours breaks)

Sundays kl 9-18 (7,5 hours + 1,5 hours breaks)

Altogether: 90 contact hours + 10 hours self-study and client work

All modules take place at Yogaens Hus, Mellomila 91a, 7018 Trondheim.

UPDATE 22/9/2021: Two more available spots opened up for the training - be fast and book yours now!


16 500 NOK / early bird until 30.9.2021

19 500 NOK / from 1.10.2021

Non-refundable and non-transferable deposit of 2 500 NOK is due at registration to reserve your space in the training. Rest of the tuition can be paid in 1-4 installments. The first installment is due October 12th, 2021.

Should you decide to cancel your participation, the latest date to do so is October 12th, 2021. After that, you will be charged the whole tuition (or installments if you have chosen so).

After October 12th, 2021, it is only possible to transfer the participation to the next breath coach training group starting in autumn 2022 against a medical certificate. In case of illness etc. prohibiting you from participating in one module of the training, the module can be taken with the next group.


Sanni Parkkinen

Breath coach, e-ryt 500h yoga teacher, yacep, life coach

Sanni is the main educator of the breath coach training. She is 36 yrs old experienced breath coach, yoga teacher and life coach coming from Finland. Sanni is running the most popular online breathing course (Breathing Unlimited) in Finland, and as her main job, she is coaching people to live happier & healthier with emphasis on physiology first – meaning that nervous system health is the key to solve many of the issues we tend to call mental.

In her coaching work, Sanni focuses on nervous system health, breath and respecting the wisdom of the body. During the last four years she has deepened her understanding of the human system by diving into somatic work and different mind-body practices. In addition, Sanni studies psychology at NTNU and is especially interested in neuroscience, mind-body connection and body's natural healing processes. Her big passion is to explore the convergences of latest research and ancient wisdom.

Sanni has coached hundreds of people to free and functionalize their breathing. She is constantly adjusting her methods to reach the clients where they are at, which has led her to understand the breath from a holistic perspective. There are no one-size-fits-all -solutions. Sanni is also lecturing in companies and giving speeches to various audiences.

More about her background and education can be read HERE.

Andreas Dønåsen

physiotherapist and lifestyle counselor

- Biomechanics of breathing
- Core functionality
- Postural integrity

Andreas is a physiotherapist and lifestyle counselor working with fatique, burn-outs, chronic pain, digestive issues and stress-related problems. The foundation of his practice is built on active conversations, thorough testing and personalized lifestyle advise. He holds workshops and public talks on a regular basis: exploring the topics of nutrition, gut health, stress, sports recovery, food perservation (fermentation) and breathing. He has run a private clinic since 2014.

During the course Andreas will invite you into a conversation about the biomechanics of breathing, explore core functionality and guide you through some exercises for postural integrity.

Ella Flor


Ella is an intuitive and empathic space holder. Trained breathwork facilitator, yoga teacher and reiki practitioner.

Ella will empower you to be your own healer, to step up and take your personal healing into your own hands. But also to be patient with yourself and with your journey. She's all about listening to and creating from the heart.

In Norwegian nature is where she finds her peace and inspiration. Staying grounded and connected to nature is a big part of Ella's self-care and daily rutines. To help people slow down and balance their nervous system is a big part of what Ella wishes to offer to the world. It's what saved her.

Inspired by her travels, many teachers and her own healing journey she offers you a unique and holistic experience - within yourself. Helping you to integrate self-love as your new reality.

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