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My Approach

I believe in allowing the natural expression of one's authentic self to guide life into a desired direction. To tap into one's true potential, it is necessary to have the basic physiology in order. As the saying goes: I had 99 problems but healing my nervous system solved like 90 of them. Combining the newest technology and the latest research with the understanding of psychology and deep layers of human existence, the Breathing Unlimited -approach offers tools to curiously explore breath, body and mind for healing and building resiliency.

  • Regulate your nervous system
  • Move and develop somatic awareness
  • Breathe. Breathe.
  • Come back to your center, find the tools working for you and create routines supporting your health

My Story

My name is Sanni Parkkinen and I work as breathing educator, keynote speaker, somatic coach and yoga teacher at my company Mindgrit.

Prior to being completely caught up by the well-being scene, I studied business spiced up with Russian culture and literature (M.Econ., B.A.), completed a bunch of studies at Law School and worked in the hectic consulting world at KPMG. And yes - burnt out, couldn't sleep and was an emotional nerve wreck.

Since then, year 2013, I have educated myself in the field of yoga (E-RYT 500h) and health coaching specializing in stress regulation, recovery, productivity-enhancing techniques - and the breath.

In yoga, I was always the most fascinated about the breath. My eagerness went so far that eventually I spent hours a day practicing yoga and pranayama, yoga's breathing techniques. My practice brought an enormous sense of clarity to my life not to mention purpose, joy and meaningfulness. But it was also in many ways too much. I for example lost the ability to hold my breath.

As I dug deeper into human physiology, biology, somatic psychology and energetics, all the threads I had explored started slowly come together. My journey to heal the nervous system began. I noticed the effects of this gentle, holistic approach in all areas of life. My work productivity rose, I slept better, I was able to regulate my emotions in challenging situations and I was, simply put, happier. As I learnt to understand my breath, I gained deeper connection to myself. After a while, also strong practices started to feel good again; the base was built properly.

I was able to rest in my breath, let it carry me and tap into my truest potential.

This is why I continue coaching with the idea of physiology first - meaning that nervous system health is the key to solve many of the issues we tend to call mental or emotional. This is why holistic approach to health is desperately needed. This is why your breath can show you the way.


Experience and Certifications

  • Full-time entrepreneur, health coach & yoga teacher since 2015
  • Master of Science in Economics, Bachelor in Russian Language and Culture
  • Currently studying psychology at NTNU, Trondheim
  • Life Coach & NLP Practitioner - Achology Ltd, The Academy of Modern Applied Psychology Int
  • Masterful Breath Coach - Kasper van der Meulen / Mindlift
  • Integrative Breathing Therapy Practitioner in training - Rosalba Courtney
  • E-RYT 500h International Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Centres, India. Now over 1000 teaching hours. 
  • YACEP (Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Provider)
  • YTT Shakta Yoga School, Finland
  • Yin Yoga Teacher, Finland
  • 20h RYT Chair Yoga - Michael Hutkins Yoga, USA
  • 24h Vagus Nerve Program - Jessica Maguire, Australia
  • Firstbeat Lifestyle Assessment service provider education - Firstbeat Technologies Oy, Finland
  • Several Vipassana meditation courses & retreats
  • Has co-run a yoga center in USA and worked in yoga ashrams and centres in USA, Canada & India

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