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We provide people with science-backed confidence to help them reach their health and performance potential. Understanding the balance of stress and recovery is the key for making better lifestyle choices.

Increased Productivity

Well-being comes first, productivity follows. It is not just faster, harder, stronger but one has to know when and how to slow down. Steady energy levels and good performance are the result of a balanced lifestyle.

Resilient Organisation

Stress is the cause for approximately 95 % of diseases. People are organisation's most important resource. Reduce sick leaves and strengthen your people - overall performance of your organisation will skyrocket. 

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Our Services

Mindgrit AS offers holistic wellness and performance coaching for organisations' needs.

Firstbeat Lifestyle Assessment is a perfect tool for kicking off an employee wellness program, but our services go even further. 

Our solutions for helping your employees to tap into their true potential are presented below. Click for more information. All our services can be combined into tailor-made packages. Hit us with a message and ask for an offer!

Firstbeat lifestyle assessment

Understand needs and discover how the staff is really doing.

  • 3-day heart rate variability analysis for each participant
  • Tailor-made solutions for company needs
  • For inspiring and engaging the workforce

Go deeper into the world of employee well-being.

  • Stress-free performance: sleep, recovery and stress management
  • Winning habits and mental skills: from rush to focus
  • Reach your potential: how to use the resources within
Yoga, breathing & relaxation classes

Bring more focus, relaxation and balance to workplace.

  • Morning yoga? Lunchtime breathing practice? After-work relaxation?
  • 30-90 min classes at company premises or at yoga studio
  • For all levels
  • One-time, regularly or just as you like it

Why Care?

  • People spend about 70 % of their awake time at work. Burn-outs are more common every day. Employees get sick, suffer from brain fog as well as memory blackouts and experience symptoms of under-recovery. It really matters what happens at work - and how it happens.
  • Employee well-being is directly visible in your numbers. Strengthen your most important resource and help the employees to be at their best. Only people who are well - both mentally and physically - can be productive and motivated.
  • Not the amount but the quality. With sound, reasonable working methods and good quality recovery the work efficiency will improve - and everyone will be thankful.

We at Mindgrit feel that it is time to make room for healthier and more productive work environments that answer to the needs of a modern human being. With better habits, routines, time management, mental skills and emotional capacity our mission is achievable.

We use Firstbeat's advanced performance analytics to provide feedback about stress, recovery, sleep and physical activity. What you can measure, you can manage.

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Practical advice on what already works and what to improve



I believe the assessment can work as a wakeup call to show actual stress/recovery levels and data about one’s sleep. I believe it works as a good basis to do practical changes in everyday life. It’s easier to trust actual data and insight from measurements than gut feeling. Combined with coaching services Firstbeat Lifestyle Assessment is a great package to improve everyday recovery and lifestyle.

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