Sanni Parkkinen

I have transformed my health & performance by learning to breathe less and slow.

I have transformed my connection to myself, the embodied felt sense of being me by listening to the breath, by resonating my breath and voice throughout the body, and by staying in stillness of my breath after exhalation.

I have transformed my resistance into acceptance by occasionally breathing more and losing my thoughts in the constant flow of breathing waves.

Breath is life. Your most intimate connection to everything. Life force.

Breath is potential waiting to be expressed. Your healing potential. Your potential to express, share and affect the world around you.

Breath is not a technique, a method, or work.

But breath can be a wonderful tool, something to be used consciously.

Different breathing techniques, methods or ways to work bring about different results.

But they also take you towards a common goal. Full embodiment. To being YOU to the core.

Any breathing practice can be transformational. So don’t limit yourself to one style.

Learn to use and guide breathing to a n y o n e.

Learn to individualize your approach and offer tailor-made sessions for groups.

Breathing belongs to everyone.

About the Author

Sanni is a breathing coach & educator, nervous system expert, yoga teacher and movement lover, spreading the wisdom of well-being, true embodiment and yoga in Norway.

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