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Strengthen motivation and winning habits

Good lifestyle and working habits contribute to stress-free living, sense of balance, more time at hand, and hence, feeling of being in charge of your life. Motivation strengthens when you have time to breathe.

Increase energy and support performance

What prevents you from living a life full of energy; how can you release the blockages? Increase meaningfulness and healthy self-care, unleash the hidden resources within and reach your true potential.

Use evidence-based methods in practice

Latest top research illuminates how happiness, well-being, self-development and productivity go hand in hand. This knowledge and science-backed methods are applicable for everyone, supporting work as well as private life.

Topics Include...


Stress-Free Performance: From Down to Flow

How do you develop mental capacity without overdoing? How does it become something concrete that supports the daily life? What is that famous flow state, can anyone reach it and how can you catch it on a regular basis? The ability to be on your best is based on balance, meaningful routines and fruitful working habits.


Stress, the Brain and Multitasking

What can neuroscience teach us about productivity? What does multitasking do to your brain and how does it relate to stress? Learn the best tips for unwinding stress reaction, relieving the pressure that the brain encounters in everyday life and for brain-healthy working habits.


Flexible Mind as a Resource - How to Strengthen Self-Determination?

Self-determination is mental determination, leading your own mind. So, how to lead the mind, take a firm hold of life and develop understanding of mental well-being? How does mental flexibility increase and how to train mental muscles? Learn mental push-ups, think about your thinking and unleash the power of mind.


Sleep - Your Superpower

Sleep is trendy. Why do we sleep, what happens in sleep and what is good sleep like? What to do if circles around eyes keep getting bigger and there seems not to be enough time for sleeping? Is sleep debt forever? What about sleep disorders; how to begin to resolve insomnia and introduce good sleeping habits?


The Power of Breathing

Breathing comes automatically so why bother thinking about it? Or... Breathing is exactly that essential that it should be paid attention to every single day. Breathing is the easiest, surest and fastest way to relieve an acute stress reaction. What is the power of breathing based on? How does the breath change your experience, and what kind of possibilities does it offer for self-regulating with ease?


Foundations of Vitality: How to Get More Energy?

Sleep, nutrition and exercise form the well-known triangle of well-being. But what if the basis is in order and there is still something missing? The blade needs sharpening, so to speak. With good habits, easy health hacks and fruitful mindset supporting the goals it is possible to dig deeper into the potential that each and every one of us possess.


Mindful Presence - The Key to Happiness?

The world is full of mindfulness, and it is divined to be the rescue for concentration problems, stress and behavioral issues alike. What are the undeniable benefits of mindfulness and how can everyone benefit from the teachings of conscious presence here and now? Is mindfulness the key to happiness or just a momentary relief?


From Unproductive Routines to Winning Habits

Habits determine and create our lives - constantly. Approximately 40-60 percent of the daily life is automised action: we run on an autopilot. It goes without saying that some ancient routines that we got stuck with as teenagers do not necessarily serve well-being at the age of 40. But why is it so difficult to implement new habits and to change the old ones? What do winning habits require? How will they become alive and real, more than good intentions?

  • We offer presentations and trainings live in Trondheim and online anywhere in the world. Combined with Firstbeat Lifestyle Assessment, presentations and trainings can be given live also elsewhere in Norway.
  • Intensive training is usually a 2-5 hour workshop around a chosen theme. It can also take a form of a presentation series on a chosen theme (for example "Reach your potential" or Stress-free performance").
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60 min

6 000 NOK

90 min

7 500 NOK

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10 000 NOK

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All prices are indicative if other services are included in the package, if the training is longer than 120 minutes or if several presentations are bought together.

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