Kom og hør interessante foredrag om pustens kraft, og opplev pustens effekter selv!

Come to follow interesting presentations about the power of breathing, and experience the effects of breathing yourself! 


When the science of breathing meets the art of breathing...

At the one and only breathing mini-festival in Trondheim!

This weekend is filled with exciting breathing knowledge, easily applicable breathing tools for everyday life as well as transformative work around the themes HEAL & RESTORE and GROW & CONNECT.


Vagus Nerve Masterclass with Yoga

FRIDAY 15.9. KL 17-20

Learn about the main communication pathway of your nervous system and practice nourishing yoga for your nervous system! The yoga practice includes resourcing, movement, stillness, breathing techniques, visualizations and other exercises for restoring balance in your nervous system (and life)!


Breathing 101

SATURDAY 16.9. KL 10-11.30

What is functional breathing? Why does breathing matter? Breathing happens automatically, but at the same time it carries enormous potential for healing, regulating the nervous system, sleeping better, digesting food more easily, focusing better, learning to know oneself and transforming one's experience of life on all levels: physiological, cognitive, emotional and spiritual.

In this lecture + practice session you learn about how breathing is one of the most important bodily functions and plays a central role in your health & well-being!


Breathing & Stress

SATURDAY 16.9. KL 12-13.30

Learn to regulate stress with the power of your breath!

We often hear about the negative effects of stress, but is stress all negative? What is the difference between stress-management, stress-regulation and stress-implementation? The first step towards more control is awareness. With breath awareness you can develop the skill to regulate stress in your life, almost like a superpower. We will talk about how you can become the pilot instead of the passenger in your own life when faced with challenges. We will talk about why you DON’T always want to breathe stress away.


Breathing and Stress Resilience - Transform Stress to Resilience with Breath & Cold Exposure

SATURDAY 16.9. KL 14.30-18.00

Ready for cold water season? Learn about cold water exposure and how breath can be your pathway to growing and connecting!

Strong physiological resilience means strong stress tolerance, skillful regulation of the nervous system state, fast recovery from stress, and healthy immune functions (among others). These all can be affected with and through breathing.

In this experiential workshop you will dive deep into breathing as a tool for increasing resources. You will hear about the Buteyko method practices for promoting health and performance capacity, and you will get a taste of controlled hyperventilation (deeper and faster breathing) as a tool for building stress tolerance and nervous system capacity. At the end, we take a walk to the fjord and take a cold bath (optional)!


Breath as Athletic Superpower

SUNDAY 17.9. KL 10-11.30

For athletes and anyone interested in boosting performance, improving breathing efficiency and gaining better training results.

In this lecture + practice session you will hear how breathing training alongside other training can take your results to a new level. We will be exploring breathing on a mechanical level with its influences on core activation and force production, how breathing affects stress levels through chemistry and nervous system, and how breath awareness & exercises can increase mental clarity in any situation.


Breathe and Align - a dialog on posture

SUNDAY 17.9. KL 12.00-13.30

Welcome to a dynamic dialog on posture.

We will be exploring our bodies in relation to gravity, both from a bio-mechanical perspective but also psycho-somatic. You are invited to open your mind and your senses to explore posture in a non-judgemental way. There will be focus on aligning, decompressing and opening up our tissues in an active manner. The workshop also includes theoretical conversations around pain, stiffness, stretching, strength training, breathing and how posture is connected to our mind (and vice versa).


Breathe to Connect

SUNDAY 17.9. KL 14.30-16.00

How does breath help you to connect with yourself on a deeper level? How is breath crucial in connecting with others?

This is a workshop about connection  - how we are in connection with ourselves and the rest of the world and what kind of role breath plays in it. How - by using the breath consciously - can you create more meaningful and deep communication and interaction? In the practice part, before breathwork, we do some connection exercises, learning about ourselves, breath and nervous system in relation to other people. Let's breathe together to heal together!


Breathwork and Connection Circle

SUNDAY 17.9. KL 16.00-18.00

Breathwork for connection! In this breathwork ceremony you move and breathe for the purpose of connecting to yourself on a deeper level, releasing any extra package you might be carrying along and awakening your body so that every breath can flow freely.

Breathwork practiced in this session is powerful yet gentle, so arrive open-minded. The workshop ends with a connection circle. We recommend reading through contraindications for breathwork 

General Information

Location: VÅR FRUE GATE 12, Trondheim (at Trondheim Befalsforenings premises)

You can buy tickets for the whole event OR for HEAL&RESTORE / GROW&CONNECT modules separately.

Workshops do not require any particular knowledge or experience. Open mind to explore your breath is enough.

  • ALL LECTURES & WORKSHOPS: 1790 kr / 1600 kr
  • HEAL AND RESTORE: 900 kr / 800 kr
  • GROW AND CONNECT: 1200 kr / 1050 kr

The lower price is for students, unemployed, ufør and those with low income.

You can take your own lunch with or have lunch outside during the break 13.30-14.30. On Saturday after the last workshop there is an opportunity to join a dip in the fjord.

Some of the workshops are held in English, some in Norwegian. Language depends also on who joins the weekend. It is always possible to ask questions and receive clarifications in both languages.

Ask more information: sanni(a)mindgrit.no

There is a limited amount of tickets available so be fast!

No refunds offered. 

Your Guides


Breathing educator, E-RYT 500h yoga teacher, life coach


Sanni is experienced breathing coach, educator, breath worker, yoga teacher and life coach coming originally from Finland.

In her coaching work, Sanni focuses on nervous system health, breath and respecting the wisdom of the body. During the last years she has deepened her understanding of the human system by diving into somatic work and different mind-body practices. In addition, Sanni studies psychology at NTNU and is especially interested in neuroscience, mind-body connection and body's natural healing processes. Her big passion is to explore the convergences of latest research and ancient wisdom.

Sanni has coached hundreds of people to free and functionalize their breathing. She is constantly adjusting her methods to reach the clients where they are at, which has led her to understand the breath from a holistic perspective. There are no one-size-fits-all -solutions. Her approach to breathing is multidisciplinary, drawing inspiration from various modalities: Integrative Breathing Therapy, Buteyko Method, Breathwork, Wim Hof, Yoga, Taoism, Somatic Experiencing, Feldenkrais, Movement Intelligence and trauma therapy (among others). Sanni is also lecturing in companies and giving speeches to various audiences.

More about her background and education can be read HERE.


Physiotherapist and life style counselor

Andreas is a physiotherapist and lifestyle counselor working with fatique, burn-outs, chronic pain, digestive issues and stress-related problems. The foundation of his practice is built on active conversations, thorough testing and personalized lifestyle advise. He holds workshops and public talks on a regular basis: exploring the topics of nutrition, gut health, stress, sports recovery, food perservation (fermentation) and breathing.

Andreas has run a private clinic since 2014. In april 2022 he opened a holistic centre for therapy, groups and personal development together with Jens K. Dahl, Doctor of Psychology.

More about Andreas can be read HERE.

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