ReSource Flow Club


Resource your nervous system with embodied yoga, somatics and breathwork. 5 weeks, 5 classes for tapping into the source through the body.

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Out of the head and into the body!

A prerequisite for more FLOW in life is the ability to drop down to the body, allow (rather than control) things to happen organically, move and breathe in an EMBODIED way.

Embodied practices use the body as a rich resource for healing and transformation. At the same time, the source of your life force dwells somewhere beyond all the layers you have built to protect yourself. Re-Sourcing, tapping into the source through the body opens up a whole new world: your inner landscape, your inner universe, your bodyverse. This world holds answers to much of the stuckness and stickiness, lack of flow, you might be experiencing.

You are warmly welcome to resource your nervous system with embodied yoga, somatics and breathwork. Bring trust, groundedness, joy and pleasure back to life, expand your capacity to feel and hold yourself in safety. This is the foundation for self-regulation, healthy relationships and boundaries.

Themes & modalities of the sessions

  • 26.9. Embodied Flow Yoga
  • 30.10. Juicy Somatics
  • 17.10. Embodied Breathwork
  • 24.10. Emotional release & capacity-building through embodiment journey
  • 31.10. Skogsyoga: a mythological journey to your source

Expand the Space Within to create more spaciousness in your life.



WHERE: Trondheim Taiji Senter, Kjøpmannsgata 12

WHEN: Tuesdays 26.9.-31.10. kl 19.00-20.30

COST: 1250,- (students, unemployed, low income: 1100,-)

REGISTRATION: Through Mindgrit’s website: https://mindgrit.no/product/resource-flow/

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The session will be taught in English but anything can be clarified in Norwegian.

Registration is binding. Refunds are not given.



Sanni Parkkinen is experienced breathing coach, educator, breath worker, yoga teacher and life coach coming originally from Finland.

In her coaching work, Sanni focuses on nervous system health, breath and respecting the wisdom of the body. During the last years she has deepened her understanding of the human system by diving into somatic work and different mind-body practices. She is a shamanic vocal work practitioner and brings her voice to many classes. In addition, Sanni studies psychology at NTNU and is especially interested in neuroscience, mind-body connection and body’s natural healing processes. Her big passion is to explore the convergences of latest research and ancient wisdom.

Her approach to breathing & movement work is multidisciplinary, drawing inspiration from various modalities: Hatha, Tantra & Vijnana Yoga, Integrative Breathing Therapy, Breathwork, Buteyko Method, Wim Hof,  Taoism, Somatic Experiencing, Movement Intelligence, Feldenkrais and trauma therapy (among others).