Firstbeat Lifestyle Assessment


Firstbeat Lifestyle Assessment is the perfect way to discover how your nervous system is doing. Regulate stress. Enhance & quantify recovery. Sleep better. Exercise with results.

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Firstbeat Lifestyle Assessment gives you a physiological snapshot of your everyday life, helps to identify the stressors and factors affecting your well-being (and sleep) and motivates to make changes to your lifestyle. Personal health coaching following the measurement offers tips for better coping, resilience and recovery.

The product includes:

  • 3-day heart rate variability measurement with Firstbeat device
  • Personal coaching after the measurement through Zoom

The postage is included. We use Hjelthjem’s services.


 Why Firstbeat?

  • 3-day HRV (heart rate variability) measurement with Firstbeat device is enough for modelling your nervous system health
  • Understand how to improve sleep quality, enhance recovery and identify consuming factors both in personal life and at work
  • Gain insight into how your own evaluation of the stress and recovery levels correspond with what happens in your body
  • Prevent problems before they accumulate and notice the risk factors for overload and burnout
  • Discover if you get enough physical activity and learn to exercise according to your fitness level

What happens after the order?

  • We send you the device with clear instructions for conducting the measurement. If you reside in Trondheim, we would be happy to hand the device over!
  • You conduct the 3-day measurement.
  • You send the device back. All the materials area included. We will order the delivery.
  • We take a coaching call through Zoom to go through your report and plan concrete steps based on your results.