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Mindgrit is one of the very few certified service providers of the world-known Firstbeat Lifestyle Assessment in Norway.

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Stress, mental health problems, sleep deprivation and physical inactivity cost businesses tons of money every year. Be proactive rather than reactive. Investing in well-being is investing in the future. Today's choices become tomorrow's reality - inspire your employees to make smart ones and reduce risks of serious health problems!

Numbers will tell

Understand needs and discover how your staff is really doing. You can always guess but more effective way is to trust the data. It helps in directing investments to right places and identifying positive and negative trends at the workplace. Learn how to support your employees in well-thought ways that work!

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Building resilience is a competitive advantage for your company. The core of work ability is based on stress management, sufficient recovery and physical activity. When in balance, employees manage and adapt to difficult or stressful situations more successfully. Productivity improves, health costs reduce and company's overall performance increases.


of employees experience increase in work efficiency


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decrease in sick days

To find balance in life, between stress and recovery, work and leisure time, we at Mindgrit offer businesses a unique tool to help and care for their employees: Firstbeat Lifestyle Assessment. Lifestyle Assessment gives each employee the tools to enhance their personal well-being and offers tips for better coping, resilience and recovery.

How It Works


Customizing the program for your needs, inspiring and engaging the employees.


3-day heart rate variability measurement during work, sleep and leisure time for each participant.


Confidential personal coaching for setting goals, improving well-being and boosting performance.


Assessing key results, designing next steps, implementing actions and agreeing on follow-up.


Individual results will not be shared with the employer. Company-level conclusions are always based on a group report summarizing the results.

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  • We offer the service for businesses everywhere in mainland Norway.
  • Firstbeat Lifestyle Assessment is backed up with over 20 years of heart rate variability research
  • Widely used by NBA, NFL, NHL and Champions League teams
  • Over a million consumer devices use Firstbeat analytics 
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VAT 25% will be added to the prices. All prices are indicative and depend on the exact amount of people participating in measurements as well as on how the measurements will be organised (all together or divided into smaller groups).

The statistics presented on this site are from Firstbeat Technologies' database. To take a closer look at Firstbeat, click here.

In case you love science, read more about the background and research here.

Customer Stories

The assessment was informative and gave me actual data and insights to my days and more importantly practical advice on what already works and what to improve. As a result of the assessment, I got a thorough report of my 3 test days focusing on my stress & recovery levels as well as the quality of my sleep. The coaching session after the measurement was well prepared and enjoyable. It was timed flexibly to my schedule and I got useful, practical tips and adjustments.

Based on the assessment I noticed how easily the sleep is affected by working late in the evening but also, how peaceful, recovering moments can take place during the work days and support vitality.

I believe the assessment can work as a wakeup call to show actual stress/recovery levels and data about one’s sleep. I believe it works as a good basis to do practical changes in everyday life. It’s easier to trust actual data and insight from measurements than gut feeling. Combined with coaching services Firstbeat Lifestyle Assessment is a great package to improve everyday recovery and lifestyle.

As a manager in a leadership position, it is important for me to maintain a good work/life balance, not just say it, but actually live it. With the assessment, I can see how my days affect my sleep and what I can do during the day to keep a good balance throughout the week. With a healthy balance, I’m able to help and lead my team to my best ability.

Christian Gabrielsen CEO, Blueye Robotics AS

Firstbeat provided our people ways to take care of themselves and perform better at work.

Marja Kanigan HR Director, Ernst & Young Finland

Firstbeat is a great tool that makes complex physiological variables visible and engages the client. It is a unique tool for understanding stress, recovery and resilience.

Oliver Patrick Physiologist and Executive Director, Vlavi

The equipment and software for reporting were super simple to use and the analytics I received afterwards was interesting and comprehensive. As being pregnant, and knowing that another person is dependent on my good health, it was especially motivating to learn when I'm able to recover during the day/night and get some tips on how that could be achieved. This insight will also help me avoid ending up with a sick-leave from work before it's time for my maternity leave.

I learned a lot about which activities during the day that influenced my recovery and was happy to learn that only small adjustments could also be of great effect - both for my personal life and for my capacity at work.

Oda Ryggen Marketing Director, Blueye Robotics AS

With the Firstbeat Lifestyle Assessment we have been able to provide our employees the help and support that they need.

Liisa Ilvesmäki-Saarinen Manager of Wellbeing, VR Group

Firstbeat Lifestyle Assessment showed us that having meetings after meetings does not give a chance for the employee to recover. Having a chance to recover before the next meeting has a positive effect on vitality and resilience. Adding breaks to your workdays not only enhances well-being but also improves work efficiency.

Irma Saarinen Head of Wellbeing at Work, IF Insurance

Firstbeat Lifestyle Assessment is a valuable tool showing actual, accurate, and concrete evidence that daily lifestyle decisions influence our performance, recovery and overall well-being. It gives people hard evidence of what’s happening in their lives. As Firstbeat indicates situations that are most replenishing or challenging, it gives people a chance to make specific changes for better well-being and improved resilience.

Claudius van Dyk Head of Research and Development, Phela Wellness

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